Making Movies - Notes on Independent Documentary Filmmaking

When I started this project a number of years ago, I met a number of documentary filmmakers.  Some accomplished, some not so much.  The big question I had for each of them was 'How long did it take to make your movie?'

The answers were usually '3 years', although I got a couple of '5 years' and I did hear at least one '7 years'.  When one fellow told me '9 years' I was floored.

In June 2014, it is now 10 years and counting for me.  It has been challenging at times.

At the same time, the work has been its own reward.  The people, the music, the passions, the puzzles, and the fun of it all had no equal in my experience prior to getting and acting on the bug to tell the story of the people who make Weiser what it is.

Rest assured, I will complete the film.  I will not let Weiser down.

Please come back to this site, sign up for a very occasional email, tell friends about the site.  When the film is ready, you will hear about it - probably here.

I sincerely appreciate the support and the patience of those who have participated in the project and those who have waited so long and steadfastly for this baby to be born.

All the best,


Weiser Films, LLC

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